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“We’ll get a bunch of chips and Gummi Bears and be like—(makes gobbling sound)—Trash TV Time!

I’m waiting for the next episode, and they’re pulling drama out of literally nothing.” Such are the television tastes of one who was deprived for so long.

The fox and the possum have their jaws open, as if ready to chomp; trees in the background frown in anger; and Snow White’s eyebrows are raised in fear.

This sugary-sweet, yet creepy, aesthetic—like pink cotton candy laced with just a little arsenic—has won Graves, 30, worldwide success.

“Once upon a time” seems like a good place to begin a story about Mab Graves, the self-taught, bubblegum-haired Pop Surrealist and growing object of widespread curiosity who looks as if she were sprung to life from one of her works by the flick of a magic wand.

And, in a professional sense, she was—born from the paintings, sketches, and sculptures in the gorgeously cluttered, turquoise-walled, second-story studio of a converted 1880s tavern in Indianapolis’s Fountain Square neighborhood, where Graves lives and works.

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And I don’t understand a lot of music and pop culture.Years ago, her type of art might have been met with a critical sneer from serious pundits who would have deemed it “lowbrow.” But now, Lowbrow—capital “L,” thank you—is a respected art movement all its own.Graves’s petite paintings, which have hung in galleries all over the country and are headed to Miami Beach later this year for Art Basel—the international fair that also holds shows in Hong Kong and Basel, Switzerland—go for several thousand dollars, typically selling out before the exhibits even open.Here, in the carefully curated alt-reality of social media, devotees come in droves to admire what might be the artist’s greatest creation: Mab Graves. Somewhere along the line, she jettisoned her birth name, which she won’t reveal, for the moniker of a Shakespearean fairy queen who brings dreams to those who slumber.Graves experienced an unorthodox childhood somewhere in Central Indiana.

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