Azo dating postcard

This isn't our typical Photo ID Guide as the items being shown off don't comprise a set, though they were all part of a single collection.This post is more of an excuse to show off the pretty pictures, point you to them at auction, and link over to a helpful resource.But on the back of the postcard, I noticed that in the area where the stamp is placed, instead of a generic box with something like ‘affix 1¢ postage’...there was a word: ‘VELOX’.I found that strange, so I researched what that text meant.These postcards documented important buildings and sites, as well as parades, fires, and floods.

Most of these postcards appear to have been issued between 1922-1926.

I just happened to be listing two other RPPCs this week, and both have similar paper information. A photo postcard of a WW1 American artillery soldier with AZO and 4 triangles pointed up: 1904-1918.

And lastly, an RPPC of Billly Sunday evangelical preacher, with AZO and four a date range of 1926-1940s.

This last one is interesting, because there is a copyright date of 1908 on the front.

Another little useful ‘factlet’ for reseaching your RPPCs!

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