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“Pay great attention because I will not say it again,” the kidnappers said in Spanish.“If it occurs to you to do something rash, you will not hear from me or your little sponsor again.” The kidnappers had already withdrawn about ,000 from O'Neil's bank accounts.As Donnie and Jorge watched state police dust the car for fingerprints, an officer pulled the American aside to say he had a bad feeling about Jorge.Donnie shrugged it off, as he did the other things people said about Jorge: that O'Neil had recently fired him from the cafe; that he'd been banned from O'Neil's house for throwing wild parties while the American was away.Police had found O'Neil's body, his youngest brother, Chris, told him, and they had arrested Jorge.Six years after Brian's murder, O'Neil had fallen prey to a similar trap - one allegedly orchestrated by his best friend.The same day, Donnie met with the prosecutor handling O'Neil's disappearance. He then showed Donnie a diagram of communications between the suspected kidnappers. The next day Mazatlan was packed with people celebrating the Day of the Dead.To take his mind off his brother's disappearance, Donnie walked among the thousands of partygoers with their faces painted like skulls before ducking into a restaurant to call a kidnapping expert.

Some people are torn about whether or not to try online dating— it may be a tool to lead you to the love of your life, or perhaps it will just derail you from the path that you should be taking.

To the hundreds of students who lined up outside the funeral home that April evening in 2010, Brian Betts had been a beloved Washington, DC, middle school principal. But hotel employees denied seeing O'Neil, and drone footage of the surrounding countryside showed no trace of him or his car.

So when Jorge said he was receiving strange Spanglish texts from O'Neil's phone, Donnie told him to call the police. It was here, Jorge said, that O'Neil had gone to meet his date the night he disappeared.

Carlos Felton told Donnie he'd spoken that morning to the governor, who had made it clear he wanted the case quickly solved.

“A lot of these guys were very afraid that this would affect their tourism, would affect the cruise ships,” Donnie later recalled. “We told Jorge a family member has to sign off on the investigation.” The next day, when Donnie returned to talk to Flores, the prosecutor barred Jorge from entering the room. Jorge must have been trying to reach the kidnappers to negotiate O'Neil's release, he thought.

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