Anna friel dating history

“It’s all very exciting, but because of Gracie every decision I make has to be weighed up carefully.

She didn’t ask to be from a broken home, so she must be my priority in all things.

“Thank you,” she says, accepting the compliment with the sort of solemn graciousness with which the Japanese swap business cards.“David and I promised each other we would stay friends and we have; he has a house opposite us in Windsor and when we can, we do the school run together or if Gracie needs new shoes, the three of us go off shoe-shopping together,” she says.Gracie, she stresses, is accustomed to travelling – she chalked up 10 countries in her first year of life – and to spending time with one parent or the other, which has greatly lessened the impact of separation, and Friel claims (one hopes not hubristically) that her daughter is entirely unaffected by her parents’ break-up.Anna Friel has revealed she is thinking of having her eggs frozen - for when boyfriend Rhys Ifans feels ready to face fatherhood.The 36-year-old actress - who stars opposite Steve Coogan in the forthcoming film about porn baron Paul Raymond, The Look Of Love - already has a seven-year-old daughter Gracie from her 10 year relationship with Harry Potter star David Thewlis.

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