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Beckett and Castle help her organize a blood drive. COMPLETE at 2Shot, hospitalized and confused, Katherine Beckett wakes up to a changing future.

Richard Castle wants to protect her, love her, save her.

These characters are an inspiration to so many people.

I hope I can do them justice when I borrow them for a little while and maybe spread the word.

At least, I am posting a part each day***When Castle finds Beckett undressed and tied up, it sets up a whole new set of emotions between the partnership. Rated T at the moment but may change to M with later chapters knowing me.

Episode insert for 5x01, 'After The Storm.'What happens when you wake up and the best part of you is missing, worse yet, you never knew it existed? Five since he kissed her for the first time that counted. It couldn't be easy to have some of your most basic assumptions about your life thrown into question. Alexis comes to Beckett with some interesting news. When it finally falls into place, luck happens to take over and leads them in an unexpected direction.

As Kate battles with the reality of day to day life and the beautiful fiction presented in her dreams, how will she ever truly know if she is... One week since the trial that ended with a guilty verdict. If this was what really being in love felt like Kate wasn't sure she was going to survive it. Castle is backing off the sexual innuendo, letting Kate know he'll always be there. Kate is healing from being shot but there is a lot of guilt involved. Minor spoilers, such as new captain's name, nothing much more than that.

On the day of her big Midwestern wedding, Millie, a persnickety bride, jilts her fiance at the altar with the help of her spunky younger sister, Emma, and embarks on a life-changing adventure.

Starring and produced by Shelley Long, and first feature from writer and director Morgan Dameron, DIFFERENT FLOWERS is a love letter to the heartland.

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