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“There’s only one way,” she responded, and former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder told us he interpreted that to mean that only another family funeral would allow Shelly to go outside the confines of the compound.That same year, Leah Remini made her missing-person report about Shelly to the LAPD on Monday, August 5.“He said we were a bunch of treasonous fucks.” A week later, Shelly Miscavige vanished.Since we wrote that story in 2013, we talked to two new sources who were at the base at the time, who filled us in on a new detail we haven’t seen reported elsewhere.

For the past ten years — except for a couple of days in the summer of 2007 when she was let out to attend the funeral of her father, Barney Barnett — Shelly has been living and working at CST’s headquarters compound, which Scientologists call by numerous different names, depending on whom you ask: Twin Peaks, Rimforest, Rim of the World, or Crestline.

Over the course of that week between Miscavige’s meltdown and Shelly’s disappearance, something telling happened.

Our new sources tell us that Miscavige went back to Los Angeles, and then Shelly, apparently knowing she was facing oblivion, took the unusual step of driving from the base to LA to see if she could patch things up with her husband. And someday, we’d love to know how that scene unfolded.

And those sources are sure of one thing: It was ten years ago, they tell us. We’ve told Shelly’s story numerous times, and it also got a lengthy treatment in Vanity Fair.

Leah Remini caused a stir in 2013 when she tried to get the Los Angeles Police Department to look into Shelly’s whereabouts.

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