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Each article has been carefully and specifically selected to create a unique and memorable fashion experience.

The fabric of each item has been aged for a minimum of two decades through normal wear, giving each piece its distinctive feel and individual look.

Leather artisans continue to make leather shoulder bags or leather ottomans following the ancestral tradition.

Goatskins and calfskins are prepared into the Medina with skins coming from the High Atlas and the Middle Atlas mountains.

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The Moroccan Leather of Marrakesh keeps its identity and origin.Marrakesh is an open air museum showing the art of Moroccan craft.You just have to visit the Medina from the Jemaa el Fna place to the Royal Palace at Dar al Bacha, to get an idea of ​​the richness of the decorations of the walls.The Garden Fountain zellige, leather bags and poufs, the Moroccan Potteries, wood, the Marquetry of Essaouira, wrought iron or the famous Moroccan Carpets are a demonstration of Art in Moroccan craft.The attractiveness of are installed for a long time, thus contributing to the magic of shapes, patterns and colors.

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