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The photo further fuelled the dating rumor as netizens claimed the man in the picture looks like Larry.

Check it out In a subsequent post, Ciru shut down the rumors by unmasking the identity of her mystery bae.

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The 30-year-old rapper and 20-year-old model are the latest subject of the dating rumor mill for—get this—leaving a restaurant together.

Some netizens find the rumors fascinating, and others think it's all nonsense, comments include, "If Mamamoo is all lovey-dovey, I approve of that," "This is all nonsense talk," "This is hilarious," and more.

actually a little bit of revising here, it may be yoongi cause he seems a lot happier recently (i swear i'm probably over analyzing but he seems genuinely happier) and i say the others would be namjoon or jimin. But what arose my suspicion is during their recent vlive( the one for the 4 million followers ) at around in the video, when jhope appeared to greet Jimin and jungkook, he looked at jimins ring on his hand and said "you're alive " in a very teasing way.

“It saddens me a bit but I guess that means we’ve done a good job,” says Heughan (Jamie Fraser) to .

Such a great guy, no ego involved.” Heughan, in fact, feels badly that some fans seem genuinely let down they aren’t in a romantic relationship. I’m still coming to terms with what it’s like to have people follow your personal life as well as your public life.

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