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About 75% of the population is Jewish, 20% Arab, and the remaining 5% are others, Christians, and non-religious affiliates.

Israel is a special place that Jews from all over the world migrate, bringing with them their home-country customs foods, languages, etc.

The Center focuses on fostering a strong Jewish identity with Israel at heart.

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It is home to a rich mix of cultures, religions, strong-willed people, and all kinds of terrain.Since its establishment in 1997, the Center has had a profound impact on our community, bringing Israel into our lives in dynamic ways Tucson is successfully partnering with the Israeli communities of Kyriat Malachi and Hof Ashkelon.This endeavor provides the opportunity for our communities to connect and interpersonal relationships to flourish.Please email the information below to Join us for the trip of a lifetime: a fully-guided journey to Israel with members of our community.We will explore all must-see sites while offering unique tracks for those who have already visited Israel and would like an opportunity to dig a little deeper.

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