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Public Open Forum at Atkinson Recital Hall (open to campus and the public) Friday, Aug. Hearts for Autism Organization (Location TBD) to a.m.

Talk on importance of human-companion animal bond to people with autism: Animal Science class 312V at Atkinson Recital Hall (open to campus and the public) to p.m.

The book is really insightful, and I thought it would be great for freshmen to come in and be able to actually meet Temple Grandin, he said.

Ideally, Id like for us to bring in the authors of common read books, so students can meet them and make the connection with the book.

And her research regarding grazing-animal behavior has helped producers reduce stress during handling.

Shes written several books about both autism and animals.

Being autistic was an advantage, because all the hostility didn't affect me as much. Engineering is easy— it's the people problems that are hard. But I also thought, "When it gets to be my time, will I have accomplished something of ultimate value?

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Temple Grandin is a scientist and professor of animal science at Colorado State University.Read More Growing up as an autistic child is not easy.But Temple Grandin worked her way through adversity and has succeeded in many capacities.Shes so passionate about what she does, and she really connects with the audience, Duff said.Agriculture is what we are in New Mexico, and this is an opportunity to look at some of the things shes done and how it relates to much of what we do.

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