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The critical challenge for continuous existence only extenuates after putting in an empowering amount of persuasive assiduousness and wholehearted dedication to whatever one decrees to achieve.As an unknown philosopher once said: “Nobody trips over mountains. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.” Movie dramatic actor and singer-songwriter Jericho Rosales epitomizes the very quintessential exponent of one who rose from the disheartening state of abysmal depths to unfathomed heights after having triumphed over a wide array of insurmountable odds and trials along his topsy-turvy journey.I felt I was part of that moving drama unfolding before my very eyes.I sat in the panel as judge together with Bernadette Alison (the wife of actor Gary Estrada) and James Cooper (the celebrated make-up artist closely identified with Maricel Soriano) …aside, of course, from the fact that as the featured fashion designer I provided the barong Tagalog for all the candidates.It was easy for Jericho to be among the top three and eventually finished the contest as Mr. With his prize money, Echo gifted himself with a bottle of his most obsessed cologne, treated his co-contestants to a snack-spree ( he promised them if he wins), and a big share, of course, for his mother and family.I could only reminisce Echo’s well-deserved victory with such fondness having had personally witnessed the significant event that inevitably changed the life of the soon-to-be one of the Philippines’ most respected and multi-awarded young dramatic actors of his time.

Pogi search, a segment of the popular noontime show discovering potential talents for TV, movies, and ramp.This directly ignited the ember in Echo’s passion for singing and composing which had been deeply-embedded within him.Together with friends Don Serenado on guitars, Jude Manota on Bass, and Aaron Ace Manio on drums, they formed The JEANS Band.Their maiden album, Loose Fit, was released in 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under EMI Records through a Malaysian friend, Kish Ram.But due to the mushrooming growth of boy bands and the stiff market competitions, Jericho decided to go solo and capitalized on his established showbiz career to take off.

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