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And if you’re a music lover, here are some Great-Sounding Headphones You Can Buy in Bulk.It may be a handy place to leave reminders, post pictures, and create a secret vision board that you share with no one—but that’s why we have Pinterest.And if you’re indeed suiting up for the gym, here are 5 Exercises in 10 Minutes That Will Transform Your Body.If you can’t bear to part with them—since that Morrissey concert might have truly changed your life—at least frame them.And you’re in luck, because we have the 7 best luxury travel bags for you right here. Tequila that comes in a plastic bottle is a different story, one that’s depressing and has a sad ending.Not only is the quality likely sub par, but it also looks cheap, too.And if you’re looking to add some organization to your life, don’t get a cork board. Not so much, and even less so if the said sweatpants have any sort of wording or phrase on the butt.

You may have paid a lot for them, but they’ve served their purpose and, let’s be real, who wants to wear an old bridesmaid dress anywhere? And while we’re talking about hair: here’s The Haircut That Will Shave 10 Years Off Your Husband’s Age.

Otherwise, they’re loud, they weigh down your bag, and they reveal to the world that yes, you have been to Sea World.

Oh, and speaking of travel, here are The 20 Best Cities to Visit Before You Die.

(As well as a hazard if it gets into your eye.) That’s why a shimmer eyeshadow can stay, but glitter needs to go.

And for more ways to live your best life, here are 5 Easy Ways to Become a Morning Workout Machine.

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