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He went on to win the Junior Latin American Dance Championship and a gold medal at the Junior Olympics. He has not married till date; does not have a spouse and has not talked about having children.As an actor, Ballas has been seen in movies like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Samantha Who and Maria de Buenos Aires. Mark is currently 29 years old and stands tall at the height of 5 feet 6 inches.He was in the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars with Sabrina Bryan. In the seventh season, he was teamed with Kim Kardashian. In the ninth season he was placed with Melissa Joan Hart whereas in the 10th season he was with Shannen Doherty. Ballas is reluctant on speaking about his personal life in front of the public. He has a well-defined face and a masculine body which grabs the attention of many of the viewers.In the 22st season Mark has been paired with Paige Van Zant. Mark had previously been dating actress, Julianne Hough. In the same year, mark moved on and began dating actress Pia Toscano. Ballas has the charm and skills to make his audience melt at his performance.She has a scare, when she was wrongly diagnosed with a lot of blood clots in both of her lungs on 2012.This pretty beauty has an incredible height, face and body statistics.Information about her parents and her life as a child is not known.

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Mc Millan firstly opted and got a work as a journalist as a reporter in the MCTV situated in Sudbury, Ontario.This television personality has been secretive about her life and her actual date of birth is yet unknown.It is however known that she is originally from the beautiful community of Ancaster situated in Ontario.She appears pretty on screen and this has led fans to be appealed and attracted to her.However, her exact body statistics are not available.

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