Mobile reallifecam

Without Flash for the i Phone, those sites didn't work.Apple didn't budge from its position, choosing instead to wait for the Flash-free standards in HTML5 to replace some of the features Flash offers to websites.

You tap a nav item to get the menu, but the site interprets that tap as a selection of that item, rather than triggering the menu, which takes you to the wrong page and makes it hard to get to the right one. Business-wise, Adobe's in an interesting position. For the last decade or so, it's basically dominated web audio and video, and had a big stake in web design and development, thanks to Flash.

Does that mean you can't use Flash on the i Phone?

Bad news Flash fans: Adobe has officially ceased development of Flash for all mobile devices.

As a result, you can feel as close to 100% certain as possible now that Flash will never come to the i OS.

In fact, Flash is almost certainly on the way out everywhere.

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