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Shark He was the man who, quite literally, snatched back his life from the gnashing jaws of death.

Australian diver Eric Nerhus this week became one of the luckiest people alive after he survived being swallowed head-first by a 10-foot great white shark.

The 41-year-old was fishing for abalone in murky waters near the town of Eden, New South Wales, when the shark attacked.

In a remarkable piece of good fortune, the shark's jaws clamped down on Mr Nerhus's lead diving belt, sparing him what would almost certainly have been a fatal blow.

The ultimate fighting tool of the great outdoors is ... In what is the second remarkable escape from an animal attack this week, a 65-year-old Californian woman managed to save her husband's life after fighting off a cougar with nothing more than a pen.

Jim and Nell Hamm were hiking in northern California when the mountain lion pounced on them.

Two weeks before she was attacked, another woman, who was on her honeymoon, was killed by a hippo on the same stretch of water.

Alligator "I think my head was so far down his mouth that I touched his taste buds," mused tourist James Morrow after a terrifying near-miss with an alligator while snorkelling in Florida.

"When he tasted me, I think that's why he let me go." The 45-year-old from Florida is one of the few people to have survived an attack by a hungry gator.

But early in 2003 he and his companions were attacked by a female protecting her calf in the Loango National Park, Gabon. "You mess with elephants all the time and you get close to them, eventually one of them is going to go for the full Monty," he told National Geographic magazine.

"I just thank God that I had time to turn around, grab those tusks and ride that bronco as long as I could." White tiger The professional magician Roy Horn, one half of the Las Vegas act Siegfried and Roy, received the worst birthday present of his life in October 2003 when he was mauled during a live show by his pet white tiger.

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