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And sometimes, it is a completely rational reaction to an untrustworthy partner.

Neediness in long term relationships can manifest in a number of ways.

I have no intention of proclaiming publicly on the morality or lack thereof of kissing on the first date.

By letting off some emotional steam in a safe and friendly environment, you will be less inclined to blurt out something needy on your date. Get Your Needs Met First A common reason why some people seem needy on dates is because they are not getting certain needs met in their life. Spend some time focusing on yourself before you launch yourself into the dating arena. Listen to your inner voice, write a journal, reflect on what you really want and how you really feel.

While there’s nothing wrong with sharing a mutual joke about the perils of dating, lamenting about your last relationship or complaining about the opposite sex will do you no good. You have made the determination that you are with the right person, and you are ready to move forward on your path toward a lifetime relationship.

Your friends and family are your best source of emotional support. You can use these stages as a guide to check in on your dating process. What will they think of me if I suggest another date?

If you’ve been single for a long time, or you’re having challenges in your dating life or you’re just not sure if you’re ready for a relationship – talk to them! If one of you is at stage one and the other is moving toward stage three, there is a likely miss-match in intentions and strong likelihood that one of you may be perceived as needy. Communicate Authentically With the vast variety of dating advice and so-called dating rules out there, it’s not surprising that people get confused about dating communication. What does it mean if they haven’t called after 3 days?

Girls, take your girlfriends on a long power walk or go for a coffee and vent. So many people torment themselves with such rules and end up communicating something that is a combination of other peoples’ opinions and their sense of what they think they ‘should’ do. Communicate with your dates as you would communicate with a friend, try to be yourself and be authentic.

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