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As South Asians, Sri Lankas have the same skin color as me, if not darker.And it was such an inviting feeling when women and teenage girls would come up to me, look at me as if to study where I’m from, call me beautiful, and then scurry off.It was so flattering to be called beautiful so many times from women who were twice as gorgeous.Learning the currency conversion before you land will make life infinitely easier as cash is king and you’ll find yourself always needing cash for everything from food to taxis to clothes.I replied, reminding her that every lesser-known destination is a beautiful gem waiting to be discovered.What intrigued me most about Sri Lanka was how nobody I knew had been there yet. I'm very serious honest kindly loveing funny person. i am from Sri lanka and im living at the Moment in Sri lanka. I wrote Advanced Level ( Abitur) and waiting for results.

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Every step of your stay, you’re looked after and it was such a warm feeling to have.If you’ve never gone camping or glamping (glamorous camping) before, a place like Leopard Trails is a perfect introduction, because you get to feel like you’re sleeping in nature, without nature crawling across your face in the middle of the night.😌 Though I’m doing better at coexisting with things that have no business existing (looking at you jumping translucent spiders 😭) this was so much fun to experience complete with a candlelit dinner, wine around the fire, and the lulling sounds of Mother Nature at her finest. The big five at Wilpattu include leopards, water buffalos, spotted deer, bears, and elephants, and I got to see four of them!There are actually four major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka: Sinhalese, Moors/Muslims, Tamils, and Burghers, and you can notice drastic differences between all four.Their 90% literacy rate and warm smiles are just some of the most charming things about Sri Lankans, and when you talk to them, you can feel the genuine warmth they have for welcoming you to their humble abode and showing you a piece of their [literal] world.

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