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The boy, who is a student at St Bernadette's Primary in Lalor Park, is last believed to have been wearing a white collared shirt, aviator sunglasses and a printed cap.Norma Canaveral, who is Jom's aunt – but is called 'granny' by Julian - told Mail Online: 'We are so worried.The mother of a friend travelling with the two men told 3AW it was not until her son checked into his hotel that he was told his companions were 'involved in a terrorist attack, they are injured'.On Friday afternoon, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said eight Australians in total were caught up in the horror that unfolded on Thursday - the four who were injured, three who have required consular support and the one unaccounted for.Four Australians were injured in the attack, including Mrs Cadman, Sydney bank worker Suria Intan, who works at the Commonwealth Bank in Lidcombe, and two Victorian men who were hit by the attacker's van.Ms Intan, who grew up in Indonesia, and had been travelling through Europe with three friends, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Pharmacist Fouad Bakkali comforted injured Jumarie 'Jom' Cadman on the floor of his Las Ramblas pharmacy.'I was with the mother, the Australian mother, until the doctor came,' Mr Bakkali told The Daily Telegraph.

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'I was at her side helping her, telling her, "be calm, don't worry."''She was asking all the time about her little boy. She told me he was seven years old.'Mr Bakkali said he was working behind the counter in the pharmacy when he heard a loud bang, before people started running for cover in his shop.

He said Ms Cadman appeared to be suffering two broken legs and had a large head wound. Julian Cadman, who was born in Kent in the UK but moved to Sydney three years ago, was pictured smiling hours before he was tragically separated from his mother during the Las Ramblas chaos that left 14 people dead.

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