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Now I finish with her and then we go to the counter. I personally contacted our office in New York since I am traveling right now in India. You want to do so many things but your physical ailments are limiting you.They add up the totals and they are like, for you, the total for 1 month is 0. They were like six months would be 00 for 1 person. Some were like 00 and 00 and some were like 00. We checked our records for the past 9 months, and we could not find any orders that came remotely close to the ,000 amount that you suggested. I agreed emphatically." "Yes, yes that's exactly it! But think about it- that line could have been used on ANYONE coming into his clinic.v=jh_6ALp Cz Ek Really, you should listen to your own body, and you should listen to your own heart.

Total scam--don't buy from him Not worth it-- 6 plastic rings for , 000 and his pulse test that took 30 seconds. Now - Most important questions - what is your name? I did find it odd at the time that he kept asking about my profession and financial standing.But hey let's give Pankaj Naram some credit- he DID give me a plastic ring (cheaper than those in dental offices) for all my trouble! This reminds me of a cult- once they have sucked you in, including your money, your soul, your pride, your identity, they will abuse you, and the victims take that abuse in effort to please the leader.Cults require you to get caught up in the time sensitive hype- if you buy now, you'll get the TOURIST' S SPECIAL! I was so special that I didn't even get time to think about making this very expensive decision! Naram suffer from a two universal diseases: Gullibility and low self esteem. There's a certain pedigree of person who fits the perfect victim for scams, sociopaths, cults, etc.The irony here is: these con men and con women know the truth about their lack of power to do anything but milk money out of people. So she knew how to phrase it so that I would be the one spurting out "SCAM ME!They themselves know how worthless their so called healing is. " After that, I proceeded to the "checkout counter" where this Indian woman proceeded to total up my medicines which totaled to somewhere around 00 for 6 months. What I found more interesting is that while most people with proper boundaries, self respect, and a healthy sense of skepticism would have walked away from this step by step scam of such a large amount, the species of victim sitting in his office didn't.

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