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Compounding these issues is the idea that Noble Group may embark on "financial restructuring", given that newly-appointed Chairman Paul Brough has experience in this field - Paul was recently Chief Restructuring Officer at beleaguered China Fishery Group.According to prevailing market prices on Noble Group's debt, it would appear that investors are not just trying to discount the possibility of a financial restructuring, but one of actual liquidation of the company.Selling, administrative and operating expenses were down -32% year-on-year (as headcount was rationalised and operations were streamlined), while operating cash flows declined USD323m, primarily due to working capital adjustments.In terms of capitalisation, net debt to capital stood at 46% (as of end-Mar 17), up from 42% as of end-Dec 16 as working capital needs increased.

We certainly think this is a premature conclusion - the company has already refinanced all material unsecured borrowings until 2018 while we also accept that 1Q 17 profitability woes pertaining to coal market dislocations (and the inability to hedge accurately) are likely to be a one-off. in its capacity as the Court-appointed liquidator of LWP (the "Liquidator"), provides the following update in respect of the Company's liquidation proceedings: Updates on the timing and quantum of shareholder distributions, and the status of the liquidation proceedings generally, will be made available by the Liquidator in its Reports to Court and/or future press releases. (formerly "Legumex Walker Inc.") ("LWP" or the "Company"), by KSV Advisory Inc.One of those three ways is through the difference between "preferred stock," which investors get, and "common stock," which employees get.Among other special rights, the owners of preferred stock get "liquidation preferences." What that means is that when the startup sells, or liquidates, the owners of preferred stock get a guaranteed amount of money from the sale.

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