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Saying that these services are illegitimate or “scams” is like saying dating sites like E-Harmony or Ok Cupid are illegitimate – which they’re not.

After all, you’re only going to get out of the process what you put into it, and how you present yourself or interact with potential foreign brides is entirely up to you and will dictate your success.

All international flights to and from Irbil in the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq are to be suspended from Friday, an airport official has said.

The order from Iraq’s central government adds to pressure to cancel the results of this week’s independence referendum, in which 93 per cent voted to split from Baghdad.

Ankara and Tehran are worried that the creation of an independent Kurdistan could fuel the desire for Kurdish independence within their own countries.

If you’re considering searching online for a foreign wife, or “mail order bride” then you’re one of the millions of men every year that do, and can be one of tens of thousands that do so with success! Fact: Plenty of young, single, beautiful and exotic foreign women search the internet, and post their profiles in hopes of finding their other half.

Fact: Plenty of foreign women use the internet as a place to not only meet their future soul mate or lover, but also to make new friends, or even practice their English.

Myth: Mail order bride dating services and the majority of other countries that men frequently look for foreign brides are corrupt.The process can be unstable at best, and foreign countries do not look kindly upon, nor support the marrying of their women to foreign nationals.Fact: Many foreign brides or “mail order brides” that post their profiles online seek a western, or American man because they have grown tired of, or fear to date local men due to a lack of romance, frequent alcoholism in their men, and an overall a lack of chivalry and loyalty in relationships.KRG Transport Minister Mowlud Murad rejected Baghdad’s instructions in a news conference on Wednesday, telling reporters that Irbil and Sulaymaniyah airports must remain open to maintain the Kurdish economy and facilitate the offensives on Isis‘ last remaining strongholds in the country.Mr Abadi had demanded in a speech earlier that day that the Kurdish authorities “cancel” the referendum and its results or face the threatened airspace restrictions.

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