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with the goal to unite people with a common mentality, ideology and beliefs to preserve strong and lasting relationships, cultural traditions, language and identity.Here everyone for whom «Czech World» something more!If you are interested in meeting lovely beautiful Czech Republic girls or women from other Eastern Countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Polen etc. Attractive ladies from all social backgrounds (doctors, teachers, nurses, clerks) would love to meet men from America, Europe or other countries of the world for marriage.Create new friendships, expierence romance, find love and ultimatly your new partner for live.Unregistered cohabitation has been possible since 2001.

Jiří Dienstbier Jr., Minister of the Czech Republic for Human Rights and Equal Opportunities, said that "It’s about securing that the other partner has a legal relationship with the child".Our web site staff are constantly working to assist you in your search.The Czech Republic is considered one of the most liberal Central European countries with regard to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights.After being approved, the applicant undergoes one year of hormonal treatment, which is followed by one year of living in the social role of the other gender, including e.g. After this two-year treatment, the applicant's genitalia may be surgically changed.In 2004, public opinion showed a strong level of support for registered partnerships for same-sex couples, with 60% agreeing with such a law.

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