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On the way Deby added a Moto Raid sticker to a gas station window.

Crossing into Honduras Just to give you an idea of what a border crossing is like I gathered the collective memory of the group at dinner and took notes of exactly what we went through today.

We arrived at close to noon and didn’t get through the paperwork until after in the afternoon. Once across the border we cruised south through Santa Ana and continuing on to the ocean community of Acajutla in hopes of finding a beach front hotel.

We arrived at the coast as the sun was setting and rode in a couple of circles looking for a decent hotel.

I shoved it in my tank bag where the potential for loss was very real.

The line for the window is on the right and the people wandering around are the money changers and fixers.

He told us we needed to get two copies of a form that was the entry paperwork for the bike into El Salavador.

Deby volunteered to collect everyone’s form and went to a nearby shanty to make copies. While Deby was trying to figure out what to do the power came back and the woman helping her declared “its’ a miracle”.

Once we got our passports stamped they gave us the smallest piece of paper that literally was the size of a fortune in a fortune cookie.

We had no idea what that was for but assumed it was important and that we shouldn’t loose it no matter what.

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