For me, the issue of sex is complicated because it relates to the physical feeling and the emotions.

I thought that doing this thesis scientifically wasn’t appropriate, so I did it creatively from a cultural perspective; art is the best way to explore emotions, desire and pleasure.


I was shocked – do we really have the right to neuter a creature and say it’s for their own good?He found that pets are often neutered without a second thought, a discovery which triggered the development of ‘Grindr for pets’, an app designed to spotlight animal sexuality.His work explores these themes through a queer lens – he has previously used his background in dentistry to pioneer “The Male Masturbation Cup” and “The Bird Beak Clone”, surgical procedures aimed at the gay community and designed to enhance the blow-job experience. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) in 2009 and two Masters degrees in 2015; while studying for these degrees I was supervised by a biomaterial scientist, a visual artist and a Gender Studies theorist, so I was trained as a multidisciplinary researcher.we serve as an online community that helps you find the perfect match for your pet in the most simple, fun and easy way.We encourage pet owners to become members, allowing everyone to be familiar with all the pets in their community.

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