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some of them actually quite small and some even larger than the originals, I think.Jetfins come in a variety of sizes, from small to at least XXL (the range of sizes that I've been testing ... I currently have 10 pairs of Turtles of different sizes, at least 30 pairs of Jetfins, and 7 pairs of Rockets, plus a host of misc other clones of Jetfins and some other non-"Jet" style tech fins.Cheers, Jim PS Notes: The synopsis link above was from some of my earliest fin testing.I have done much more, using many other techniques and different kick styles since then.We can take it from there by further PMs or direct email.DSAO -- with the best fins for your diving needs ("Dive fins are like golf clubs: different ones for different strokes." [my quote]) Jim PS re weight of fins, as per Larry L's comments.

Here's an old (2003) chart of some of my testing back then; see footnote "c":

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I agree with Larry, plus another downside I would add is that the Jetfins have a pocket shape that many people don't like.

It works for most divers but not all and is not as good as the pockets in most contemporary fin models.

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