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They were located in small, ramshackle buildings and had antiquated sound system. The crowds were abusive violent, and hard to please.

Small radio stations that broadcast the blues would urge people to come to these clubs.

The musicians in the Snearly Ranch Boys either lived at Ma Snearly's Boarding House or hung out to jam.

They included Smokey Joe Bauch on piano, Paul Burlison on guitar, Clyde Leoppard on drums, Hank Bowers on guitar-trumpet, Barbara Pittman on vocals, and Stanley Kesler on bass.

"Elvis Presley was around watching what we were doing", van Story remarked.

"He was always so nervous", Van Story continued, "but he was learning about the music, no doubt about that".

They played for so little that a fraternal atmosphere was necessary to survive the lack to pay."We needed something or somebody to help draw a crowd and decided a guitar-strumming good ol' boy at thirty-five dollars an hour just might do the job.Elvis Presley performed about ninety minutes and the audience went crazy! Robison and Mayor Frank Tobey were as astonished with Elvis Presley's act as they were at the swelling crowd. this was the most successful Red Cross blood drive in the history of Memphis State! Too see Elvis, students had to donate a pint of blood.Culpepper’s obituary), and some of the top entertainers of the day, from Cab Calloway to Bing Crosby to Elvis Presley, and Stax musicians in the 1960s.They served blacks and whites alike, despite the deeply segregated society. Culpepper’s obit stated that Boss Crump was a patron, which served to blunt police harassment and bring the Chicken Shack to the attention of white Memphis...614 Vance became the Chicken Shack’s new home.

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