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ive tried uploading a new video for the past 2 weeks, all uploads have been "successful" but nothing has shown up in my video manager? We want to continue to upload our videos, We have hundreds ready and waiting. Porn Hub staff is not getting back to us reguarding the lack of Featured videos, This is a contest that no one seems to know the rules.. It's happened to everyone, but we all still get paid every month.Not sure how you other Amateurs are being treated, would love to hear some feedback on this. Holding out on uploading probably isn't good for your page. But this makes it look like you're only here for the money and not your subscribers.

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To be honest I'm not sure why I'm even bothering with it all but I thought fuck it, you never know what might happen.I make anywhere from 0-0 a month and have around 130 videos. Check me out @ You get paid after your payout meter is over 0 ... Don't expect to get rich, that doesn't mean you can't?It takes a while but I am earning more money faster and faster now that I have so many friends and subscribers! But be realistic and appreciate the outlet and opportunity Pornhub has provided.I love showing off my pussy, and my husband is on here too! Who doesn't like some fun money for doing what you already do?Is the age to apply based on legal consent age or when you're qualified as an "adult"?

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