Lionel messi dating luciana salazar

Luciana Salazar was going out with Lionel Messi at the time, and things got messy when a love triangle formed between the couple and Del Potro.She is an Argentine model, well known for her adult photographs.The rumors went on for a while, and it looked like they were into each other.That was, of course, until Del Potro was seen with Stephanie Demner in 2010.No me conformo y esto me motiva para seguir trabajando y mejorar para estar en igualdad de condiciones con los mejores. In 2012, Juan Martin Del Potro received his first Olympic medal along with Roger Federer and Andy Murray, and continued to rank in the Top 5 the next year.El objetivo es terminar el año sano para hacer una buena pretemporada y tener metas importantes en 2017. In 2016, Del Potro won the Davis Cup Championship, after yet another injury recovery.Que no bajé los brazos para que puedan verme en una cancha, que es donde más feliz estoy.Siento que valoran el proceso más allá del resultado.

Del Potro has made sure that his current girlfriend (if he has one) is hidden from the paparazzi and has kept mum about his relationship status as well.Stars like Messi like to be with women but Messi’s relationships are not like them mostly. He dated with popular models in recent years but today there are lots of rumors that Messi’s Argentinian girlfriend is pregnant. 2005-06 was the first shining season of Lionel Messi. This hot model caught Messi’s heart on his hometown Rosario.Magazines were following him but he was also a child still. It was three days before 2006 World Cup and Messi was injuried.He has a younger sister named Julieta Del Potro, and an older sister who died in a car accident when she was eight.Del Potro was always interested in sports, and loved tennis in particular.

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