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I'm getting frustrated Its true, you are right.Anyway, this cat was very informative, it allowed us to better know Lily.The quality of the cams is the important factor of a live cam site.Of course, it depends on the choice of the cam performers as well.Surely, the performers aspects are different; it depends on your taste exclusively if you choose a blonde, a tanned, a redhead or maybe a couple.If you make your mind up that you want to see them exposed, you will have to pay money for some time for the private chats.

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I not interested to make same type and quality (just to sell) video and photo as other web site - I respect their work of course but on my web site I want only quality and interesting videos o very homemade stuff - that is much more real.Sia (aka Nasty Q) is up for video votes but between last night and today she fell to second. Let's get her back up to #1 and get that video published! Also there is a new video scheduled for later today already.Just wait how things develop, I for one I am just happy to see some activity again.I think maybe I was frustrated because another model I was a big fan of at the time, Kamila Hermanova, was also one that never went any further than posing nude.Lily seemed to have so much more personality and potential to share with us. is by far the most beautiful and engaging model around.

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