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" Many feel like their relationship is being threatened just because the woman in their lives wants to talk with them.

I may be sticking my neck out here, but this could be described as a slight over reaction.

So it's easy to understand why men have a harder time talking about feelings, it's because they have to switch gears from their head to their hearts.

" Her companion answered, "Of course he talks, he has to ask me what's for dinner doesn't he? Most men have a hard time communicating anything that remotely resembles an emotion. Because emotions are scary to men, who think much more than they feel, and much of the time, many men don't even know what or how they are feeling.

It seems that by the end of the day men are talked out and women still have a day's worth of conversation in them.

So one of the reasons men don't feel comfortable talking is because most women can out talk them.

Guys figure that once they have said the fateful words, "I love you," and the relationship is in full swing there are only three reasons to have a real conversation: sex, money and breaking-up.

So when a woman wants to talk, and the guy realizes he has to think and feel at the same time, just the idea becomes a challenge.

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