One year dating anniversary gift ideas for him

These make highly individual gifts, and are sure to make your boyfriend feel really special.

For the attention-lover If your boyfriend loves to bask in public attention, consider placing a love advertisement in the newspaper to which he subscribes.

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This is just a dating anniversary but we do live together and I think marriage will come in the next 5 years.

If you can get hold of a book signed by his favourite author, or a particularly rare edition of a prized work, so much the better.

For the show-off A great gift idea for all those men who like to be in the limelight, is jewellery.

For the practical guy If your guy is the do-it-yourself sort, you will not go wrong with a functional gadget.

A multi-purpose knife, or a fancy tool kit may not seem particularly romantic gifts to you, but for your practical-minded boyfriend, they are likely to set his heart racing.

I would always prefer a tool, a radar detector or even a pair of socks over a box of chocolate, a bottle of wine, or a fancy dinner. Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year First: Paper Second: Cotton Third: Leather Fourth: Fruit or Flowers Fifth: Wood Sixth: Candy or Iron Seventh: Wool or Copper Eight Bronze or Pottery Ninth: Pottery Tenth: Tin Eleventh: Steel Twelfth: Silk or Linen Thirteenth: Lace Fourteenth: Ivory Fifteenth: Crystal Twentieth: China Twenty-Fifth: Silver Thirtieth: Pearls Thirty-Fifth: Coral Fortieth: Ruby Forty-Fifth: Sapphire Fiftieth: Gold Fifty-Fifth: Emerald Sixtieth: Diamond Wood is when by the 5th year the wife has had enough of him sitting on his butt watching TV and gets a baseball bat. Make it truly one to remember with a personalized anniversary gift that’s sure to wow!Check out our latest line-up of beautiful anniversary gifts and keepsakes and leave a lasting impression for years to come.Anything that says "I am thinking about you and I understand you" is really cool. q=lingerie&um=1&hl=en&safe= active&client=safari&sa=N&rls=en&biw =1247&bih=755&tbs=isch:10,2429&um=1&it bs=1&iact=hc&vpx=136&vpy=252&dur=1703&hovh=183&hov w=275&tx=81&ty=92&ei=El P1TKXi GYGKlwe Zj7n2BQ&oei=6F L1TPCl KIWgl Af Nu9DRBQ&esq=5&page=5&ndsp=27&ved=1t:4 29,r:0,s:104&biw=1247&bih=755 [/IMG] Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. Anniversaries mark important milestones in any loving relationship.

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