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In the case of pure lavender oil, it is the linalyl acetate component that helps to heal the burns.If the lavender oil doesnt contain a high per cent of natural linalyl acetate at least 50% - it will actually burn the skin instead of healing it.Herbs and vitamins give us only about a 6 -7 % increase in oxygen, while mineral compounds and hydrogen peroxide provide a 9% increase.Many diseases cannot tolerate the presence of oxygen.In order for the proper healing components to be present, the oil must be pure and processed in the proper way.The plants must be grown in the absence of herbicides and pesticides which can react with the essential oils during distillation to produce toxic compounds. In other countries such as Germany, France, and Great Britain, aromatherapy is considered a serious medical science.These adulterants are not healing, and many are actually quite harmful!True therapeutic grade essential oils are of a much higher quality and do not contain any adulterants whatsoever. Therefore, compared to the cheaper, adulterated oil, the profits to be gained from selling higher quality oils is much smaller.

Unfortunately, most of the essential oils in stores today, although they may be useful as perfume or for aroma purposes, have little or no therapeutic value.

Some can be used as hormonal precursors by the body so that it can produce as much or as little hormones as it needs without upsetting the natural hormonal balancing systems in the body.

Finally, essential oils have an alkalizing effect on the body and are extremely high in antioxidants.

They will even penetrate a fingernail or toenail to treat fungus underneath (lemongrass, melaleuca), and can penetrate into the deep crevices of gum tissue, in many cases, eliminating gingivitis and even severe gum diseases.

The more toxic a person is, the more his cell membranes have thickened as a protective mechanism against the damaging effects of the toxins in his body.

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