Awkward dating moments

Everyone has dealt with at least one – if not, you will, don’t worry. When neither of you know what to say and there’s an uncomfortable silence. basically any embarrassing bodily function that could happen to you. One of you will probably break it by talking about the weather, which, ugh. You’ll just sit there and pretend that didn’t happen… Going to the movies and watching a really explicit sex scene with someone you don’t know very well.

Something as simple as taking my shirt off in a public swimming pool would never happen.

Being only 3ft in height, I have come across many awkward moments in my life, one of the most common is being mistaken for a child or spoken to like a child. This includes those who have visible or invisible disabilities.

We are still human, with feelings just like any other able-bodied person. It is perfectly normal for us to think like this, we all do it no matter what size or shape we are, it’s all part of being human and how our brain works when in a nervous or first time situation.

We know dating can be hard, but going out on a first date is especially difficult.

Here are examples of all the most awkward first date moments we all have.

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